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Performance Asus Zenfone 5

Performance Asus Zenfone 5

Performance Asus Zenfone 5 - The Asus Zenfone 5 has an Intel Atom Z2580 SoC which CPU is clocked at 2GHz. The System is supported by 2GB RAM which is quite much and not normal in this price-range. As expected the system-performance is really good and there are no lacks or force-closes. Even using multitasking with many apps at the same time, the performance is not affected. The PowerVR SGX544 MP2 GPU does a pretty good job, too. Neither 3D-Games nor HD-Movies are a problem for the phone and it is really fun to play games with it. Only Asphalt 8 showed small lacks, but they did not affect my gameplay. It was in deed the only game which had those lacks, so maybe it is just a thing of software optimization.

Android 4.3 is used as base for the Asus ZenUI, which looks pretty, has some nice features and is easy to use. Asus did his best to desgin nice looking apps for calender, gallery and to-dos, that are not just a clone of another OS – and they achieved it. Unfortunately there was some bloat-ware pre-installed, such as a chat-app or an alternate app-store. An interesting fact is, that my test-device was pre-rooted. So I could easily remove those bloat-ware. Even if I do not think, that every Zenfone is pre-rooted, it is easy to do this anyway. There is an app like framaroot available, that lets you unlock your device with just a click. In general I do not like stock-launchers of most makers, but in this case I was did not install a custom one because ZenUI is really good.

For those of you who love numbers, here come the results of the benchmark tests: in the Antutu-Benchmark the Asus smartphone Zenfone 5 gained 22,498 points, which is a good result and compared to other phones it is between the Samsung Note 2 and a HTC One M7. Anomaly 2-Benchmark resulted in 324,939 points and 3D-Mark-test showed 7235 points in the ulimited-mode, 4601 in extreme-mode and 8011 points in 720p-mode. Vellamo’s browser-test showed 1828 points as result and 1192 and 900 points in multicore- respectively metal-mode. In conclusion, it is to say, that the Asus Zenfone 5 has a really good performance and 2GB memory are great for the device. Especially when looking at the low price of only $170 it is really a good deal.

This time I will give you the conclusion at the beginning: average. The Asus Zenfone 5 has an average reception-quality. If you wanted to make a phone call, it had always enough signal but the sound quality was not that good. Everything sounded a bit unnatural and dull. This was the case in both the Asus’s and your partners speaker. Unfortunately 3G reception was pretty bad. You often hat only GPRS-signal on location where other phone have 3G. It is really annoying having slown mobile internet. Same thing counts for WLAN-connections. Most of the time the signal indicator shows only one bar and sometimes you even loose connection.

Audio-Playback via headphones sounds quite good but it is a little bit too faint. However, the internal equalizer does a pretty good job and its presets are useable and satisfying. The speakers are good, too. They of course have too little bass, but this is normal in this form-factor. However, the volume is pretty high and treble is clear and not disturbed. So it is really fun to watch videos or listen to movies while outside.
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Outdoors it is no problem to get a GPS-signal. Just after a few seconds most satellites got a fix and you have a stable connection. But this is different being indoors. In a room the Zenfone did not find a single satellite. Being directly in front of a window it is possible to get one or two satellites, but non of them can build a stable connection. Bluetooth connection did not make a problem. It connects fast while being in the same room. If you go into another room than the receiver the connection breaks down soon.

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